Day Cream – Is This The Best Available?

The latest craze on the skin care market is the “Day Cream” line from New Zealand. This creme is a fast-rising brand, and a number of the claims being made by their product are as wild as those being made about day cream.

The main claims for this product are: amazing skin hydration, an anti-aging formula that won’t “gum up” your pores, and a light, even-toned foundation that never feel cakey. Their Day Cream Daily Moisturizer is said to increase the flow of blood to the skin’s surface, which will boost the efficiency of your skin’s anti-aging processes. It will help to cleanse the skin, improve your skin’s elasticity, and even your appearance.

Why this company chose to create their own product is beyond me. Why would a company that makes makeup claim that they have the greatest makeup in the world need to do this? Isn’t New Zealand already number one? I know it is difficult to choose between New Zealand and a prominent day cream brand, but I decided to find out for myself. I read a number of reviews on the product and found several great reasons to be skeptical about the claims made for New Zealand’s Day Cream Daily Moisturizer.

First, I found out that this cream is supposed to be “full” coverage and it has “more” moisturizers than other cremes out there. But what does that mean? In my opinion, “full” means something different than full coverage. And New Zealand’s Day Cream Daily Moisturizer has barely any moisturizers. Next, I discovered that there is another additional day cream in the line, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much. These companies aren’t being honest with their customers. A “full” doesn’t really mean anything, unless you are trying to play on people’s emotions with a sales pitch. So if you are searching for an effective day cream, don’t waste your time with New Zealand. Instead, look for a truly effective day cream, one that doesn’t make any extravagant claims.