How to apply eyeliner

You may have tried eyeliner but never really took the time to master the art of applying it. You may have given up when you found that it made your eyes look like they were about to burst.

To ensure that you don’t make the same mistake as many others, you need to know how to apply the eyeliner and where to apply it. Here are a few tips that will ensure that you use the eyeliner product to its full potential. Take these tips into consideration and you will be able to create some stunning eye looks. Eyeliner is most effective when it is applied on the lid area. This is because this is the part of the eye that receives the most light. The rule of thumb for applying eyeliner to the lid is to take off one millimeter at a time until the line looks just as you want it to. Start with an eyeliner pencil and follow it up with a lighter pencil if desired.
To apply it, simply apply it along the upper eyelid and blend it out using a mascara wand. Remember to always apply the product gently so that it doesn’t irritate the eye area.

Use a brush for better eyemakeup

The other way to apply eyeliner is by using a brush. When using a brush, you should begin in the crease of the lids and follow it with a pencil line at the outer corner of the eye. Blend it out using the mascara wand. By blending out the liner, it will appear much more natural. For anyone who uses eye shadow, they know that there is a certain technique to use when making it look even more professional. If you would like to get the best out of eyeliner, use the same technique for applying makeup as you do with shadow. The first thing you want to do is remove any shadow from the eyelid area. To apply it, take the shadow off and blend it out using a makeup sponge. Make sure to only do this a couple of times to avoid making the eyes look tired.